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We all know the kitchen is the heart of our homes! It is the space where we prepare healthy meals for our beloved family, it is the space where we entertain our family and friends, it is the space where we make memories.

“The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” ~ Mario Batali

The kitchen is the centre of our homes also architecturally speaking. Our love for open-plan layouts make these spaces even larger living spaces. A functional kitchen is fundamental for your happiness and well-being.
Kitchen Design; Consultation; Discovery Phase

What is a functional kitchen

‘Functional Kitchen Design’ is an umbrella term for visually appealing and functionally efficient kitchens. We are paying attention to the following areas in your kitchen and test how they interact with each other.
》an appropriate layout for your space and lifestyle considering adjoining areas/ rooms
》uninterrupted traffic flow
》spacing between cabinetry and benchtops (very important)
》ample storage for all consumables and non-consumables
》storage solutions to take functionality to the next level
》efficient positioning of your appliances, also called working triangle
》enough benchtop space to comfortably carry out your tasks
》direction of workflow (clockwise or anti-clockwise)
》functional lighting in the space (general-, task-, ambience lighting)
Floor Plan Review; Blueprint Review

What we offer

Kitchen Design; Kitchen Plans
Layout & Storage Planning
Planning your kitchen layout and storage options is essential. The layout and functional storage determines the workflow of your kitchen.

To establish the layout and storage options that will work perfectly for you we look at the floor plan of the house and explore your lifestyle.

Style, Materials & Colour Selections
Materials have a great impact on the style you would like to illustrate in your home. Tap into our knowledge and let us guide you making material choices and create a colour palette that represents your taste and personality.
Fittings & Fixtures Selections
Fittings and Fixtures is like jewellery. They can make or break the design. We can help you select statement pieces or let them blend in. Considering quality fixtures is important for an area that is used on a daily basis.

Our Process

The design process is a developed model, which breaks down the complex process as a whole into smaller manageable steps. Each stage forms a stepping stone for the next stage.
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