Our Colour Selection Service

Do you need some clarity around what colours to choose? Then this is the perfect fit for you. We offer colour selections for paint colours, no matter if it is just for a room or for an entire home.

“I always love how colour can change the look, mood and feel of a space.”
~ Matthew Dickamore

We have been working with colours for years and have studied colours intensively. We understand the 3 dimensional concept of colour – Hue, Chroma, Lightness. So many different factors need consideration as they all have an effect on how a colour reads in a home. Here are some examples to consider – paint finish, undertones, natural and artificial light, colours of existing furniture and decor.

The hardest one to understand and get right is undertones in paint colour. It is that secondary colour lingering in the background, but gets pulled our when paired with other colours or depending on the light.

Sometimes undertones won’t be recognised until the paint is on the wall. An expert eye and advise will definitely pay off – saving you time and money.


What we offer

Colour Selection Service
How is a colour selections service structured? These are the following steps included in a colour selection.

》1 hour In-house meeting to establish the characteristics of the home
》Research to provide colour options
》1 hour Meeting to establish if the chosen colours appear as expected
》A4/ A5 paint brush outs
》Sample pot/s of the final chosen colours

This package kicks off with 5 hours, which will cover the steps above.

“I am a believer that colour affects people’s moods.”
~ Lilly Pullitzer

Our Process

The design process is a developed model, which breaks down the complex process as a whole into smaller manageable steps. Each stage forms a stepping stone for the next stage.
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