Our Blueprint Review Service

You are in the process of drafting up a floorplan for your brand new home? But you are not sure if the layout is functional and suitable for your lifestyle?

There are still a few areas you would like to improve, but don’t know what’s the best solution?
Then our blueprint review service is what you need!

“Here’s to a new home, new adventure, new memories.”
~ The Wilders

We review your plans and assess your plans on functionality and traffic flow within the key areas of your home – open living areas, bedrooms and wet areas.
We can also help you with window sizes and positioning as well as with positioning of internal doors, plumbing, power-points, furniture and lighting.
Our professional input can save you time and money on costly mistakes. With an eye for detail we can identify potential problems that can be corrected during the planning phase and most importantly before the building work starts.
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What we offer

Floor Plan Review; Blueprint Review
Kitchen Design; Kitchen Plans
Blueprint Review Service
What to expect from a blueprint review?

》Initial Consultation to establish the scope of work
》Briefing Session
》Review of your plans
》Layout plans (optional), such as furniture, kitchen, bathrooms, lighting/ electrical
》Meeting to present the solutions we recommend

How it Works
We offer a variety of options for this service. Every package is customised to your individual needs. We start this service off with an initial consultation to establish the scope of work.

“There is nothing more exciting than moving into your new home.”
~ Unknown

Our Process

The design process is a developed model, which breaks down the complex process as a whole into smaller manageable steps. Each stage forms a stepping stone for the next stage.
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