Branded Exterior Colour Scheme | Wildner (Bathroom, Heating & Plumbing), Germany

Branded Exterior Colour Scheme | Wildner (Bathroom, Heating & Plumbing), Germany

Branded Exterior Colour Scheme | Wildner (Bathroom, Heating & Plumbing), Germany

I had the pleasure and honor of working with a German plumbing business on giving their exterior façade of the showroom and trade house a new look. They had their previous look for over 20 years and it was time to repaint the building. My clients wanted something different and more eye catching however the criteria was to keep and use their brand colour red.

Producing the Design Concept

In the first step I drew up the building in Sketch Up so I could develop a concept and generate 3D images for them. I developed a couple of schemes, usually a so called safer option and a more bolder option. When I presented the two concepts I was again so surprised that my clients went with the bolder option. When I say bolder option this means that the concept incorporates more colour. The advantage of using computer generated models and 3D images and of course with the help of the internet it is possible to completely work remotely on a project. I’m a South Australian based business with a German background.

Design Challenges to think about

The challenge with this building was that it is built on a steeper slope. One side of the building is much shorter in height than the opposite side. This meant that I had to find the balance in the sense of how much colour I would introduce.

The importance of helping the client to visualise

Again, presenting the colour layout options in a presentation first utilizing a computer model of the building made it so much easier for my clients to visualise the end product. It also allowed them to decide on the bolder option. I find otherwise, people are quite cautious in using colours. However, in a commercial setting where brand recognition is vital it is the way to go.

Details to the chosen colour layout

We left the white backdrop and the top red stripe which makes the background for the white coloured name of their family business. To create more interest we then added a dark contrast which makes the red stand out even more. To make the colour layout feel complete we repeated the red stripe but much thinner below the dark area.

  • Client Wildner, Germany (Bathroom, Heating & Plumbing)
  • Date May 27, 2022
  • Tags Commercial Projects, Interior Design, Interior Design and Decoration, Renovations

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