Branded Exterior Colour Scheme | E.P. AG n Fert, Kimba

Branded Exterior Colour Scheme | E.P. AG n Fert, Kimba

This fantastic project was a collaboration with Steve White General Builders in Whyalla back in early 2019. Steve approached Fran to help him and his client with the exterior colour scheme of an agricultural retail shop in Kimba on the E.P.

Fran’s job comprised creating a colour layout and a visual 3D computer model for visualization purposes. The requirement was to use the businesses brand colours for the colour layout. Based on the building plans Fran had drawn up the model and created coloured rendered images.

Fran arranged a meeting with the builder and client to get a better understanding of  what the client is imagining and what his requirements were in terms of colour scheme. The client’s vision was to utilize his brand colours on the exterior of the modernized building. The builder used James Hardie Matrix cladding to transform the building.

The dark backdrop at the top of the building makes the coloured logo stand out and emphasizes the entrance area. The client envisioned the main body of the building in the brand colour green (Pantone 360C). To break up the green, an orange (Pantone 158C) and a white stripe is introduced to add more interest. The joins of the Matrix panels also mark the colour transition lines.  Overall, the building represents all colours of the logo which is inline with the branding and increases the value of recognition.

  • Client Steve White General Builders, Whyalla + E.P. AG n Fert, Kimba
  • Date May 27, 2022
  • Tags Commercial Projects, Renovations

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