Colour Selections | G.J. Gardner Homes

Colour Selections | G.J. Gardner Homes

Colour Selections | G.J. Gardner Homes

I assist G.J. Gardner Homes (Port Lincoln) clients on their journey of selecting colours for the exterior and interior of their home.

Examples for exterior colours are, e.g. brick colour, roof, fascia, gutters, windows, water tanks and colours for cladding or gable. This depends on the façade design of the home.

The colour selection for the interior comprises of flooring colour, colours for all kitchen cabinetry such as panels, doors and benchtops. As well as joinery provided by the cabinetmaker depending on what the client ordered, this can include colours for vanities and laundry cabinets. And last but not least we decide on the wall colour for the home.

Tile selections are done by National Tiles in Adelaide before the appointment with me.

The Process

To start the process I get in touch with the client. I’ve prepared a standard questionnaire to make the selection process easier on the day. This gives me an indication of their colour preferences and how they want the home to feel. I pay close attention to the colours the client is drawn to. Are they cooler or warmer colours? And of course if they want to achieve a particular style.

The selection session takes anything from approx. 2.5 hours to 3.5-4 hours depending on the size and fit-out of the home.

I strive for harmonious and balanced colour schemes for the clients. My focus is on guiding them towards a decision but they still have the control over their colour decisions.

I truly enjoy every appointment with the clients and once the selection is done I cannot wait until I can have a look at the finished product.

  • Client G. J. Gardner Homes Port Lincoln
  • Date May 27, 2022
  • Tags Interior Design, Interior Design and Decoration, Residential Projects

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