The design process is a developed model, which breaks down the complex process as a whole into smaller manageable steps. Each stage forms a stepping stone for the next stage.

The main 3 phases of our process is the Discovery Phase, Design Phase and Implementation Phase. Each phase is essential for the delivery of an outcome that aligns with your vision and desires.

The 3 Phases

3 Phases - Discovery - Design - Implementation

The 9 Stages

Kitchen Design; Consultation; Discovery Phase


Within the first phase we discover the scope of your project, do an extensive design survey which builds the foundation of the overarching design.

From there we develop the first design concept, schematic design and a budget forecast for your project.

Stages within Discovery Phase 3


In this phase we develop the concept and schematic design to a final design. You will have a functionally designed layout, a complete material + finishes and product selection aligned with the interior style you love.

Once you have approved of the layout and the selections we create a documentation package for you, which is suitable for the tender & estimation process.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Design
Stages within Design Phase


In the last phase we manage the design. Creating an order schedule for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment. Placing the orders for Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings and Accessories. Creating a delivery schedule.

Last but not least we can also help with coordinating furniture deliveries and installations.

Stages within Implementation Phase

Why do we go that extra mile?

When renovating or building many moving parts work simultaneously. Us being involved from start to finish means we can pull those moving parts together and ensure a smooth and stress free process for you.

This also enables us to manage the design, the timeline of your project and most importantly your budget throughout the process!

The 1st step of the process

Kitchen Design; Consultation; Discovery Phase


The initial consultation is our first in person meeting and is an important step! The purpose of the meeting is to discover your vision but most importantly your pain points. In this session we start brainstorming big picture solutions.

Possible pain points are:
》What is not working for you in the space.
》You don’t know how to solve this problem on your own.
》You don’t know how to manage your budget throughout.

We show you how we can solve your problems with design and establish a detailed Scope of Work. In this meeting we are taking necessary steps and it is the foundation of working with us.

Where to start

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