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“The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” ~ Mario Batali

Design Your Lifestyle

Designing a kitchen is more than just putting cupboards in a room. It is about designing an effective kitchen to suit your lifestyle!
Designing a functional kitchen is the process of combining layout, surfaces, appliances and design details to form a cooking space that’s easy to use and fun to cook and socialize in.
Kitchen Design; Consultation

2 Ways I Can Help You Design Your Kitchen

Kitchen Design; Consultation

Design Consultancy

This is the right fit for you, if you are looking for ways to make your current kitchen more functional or wanting a face-lift for your kitchen. You don’t always have to start from scratch – we show you how to do it.

Kitchen Design; Kitchen Plans

Signature Design Service

We do it all for and with you! From a rough design concept to the finest details. We developed a signature design process which enables us to deliver you the perfect result!

Design Consultancy

You would like to renovate your kitchen and are looking for professional input on layout, functionality, organization and style?

I help you to get insight in what is working and not working for you in your current kitchen and show how you can incorporate this knowledge into your new design. Or you might be after some face-lift ideas for your current kitchen and how you can improve functionality.

✔ In-home consultation
✔ Summary of the meeting
✔ Access my knowledge and ideas
✔ Small investment

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our signature kitchen design process

Designing a kitchen within a day isn’t going to do it!

There is way too much to talk through. From layout, cabinet sizes, storage to power points, lights, colours and fixtures. We select materials for you that suit you, your lifestyle as well as fit in your budget.

We don’t leave anything to chance!

From Concept To Final Design

Planning is establishing your overall goal and your wishlist as well as needs. To kick off the creative process we set up a vision board for you.

Cost can vary a lot! We establish your investment budget which helps us to select appropriate products and finishes for your project but also meet your expectations.

We go through layout options with you and select the perfect one which fits into your home and aligns with your lifestyle. The more organized a kitchen the better it is.

To complement the design we consult you on colours and style to make sure your selections complement each other and your kitchen will be a designful space.

We don’t stop here! Materials and Fixtures are important and can make or break your design. Think of the fixtures as being the jewelry in your kitchen.

Last but not least – documentation is important for carrying out the design to perfection. We create floor plans and elevations of your new design. We document everything to the fine details.

Why do we go that extra mile?

For a kitchen design to be successful it needs to be planned from start to finish by a professional.

We are offering you a seamless process to ensure quality and a perfect result. It is a complex process and can be disjointed if not done properly, which often results in a failed design. This is the reason, why we developed a streamlined all-inclusive process.

“Are you ready to create a designful kitchen?”

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