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A vision board is a visual presentation consisting of images, text and samples of objects in a composition. Vision boards are used early on in the design process to communicate ideas and how you want to feel in your home.

A sample board is the final composition of all materials and colours used in your design. It can be created physically and digitally. However, I prefer a physical sample board with actual material and colour samples. You are able to see the true colour and feel the texture of the materials. So important for a successful design.
The downside to a digital sample board is that computer screens are all different and how you perceive colours varies.

A specification sheet is a summary of all used products in your design. It outlines the following features:
Product | Description | Units | Colour | Supplier

Yes, we do! I am a small business owner myself, depending on the local economy. As I know of the importance I would like to give this back to the community and use as many local trades, workrooms, retail etc. for your projects.

Yes, we do! We work with trade firms together in collaboration. It is about supporting each other in a small community.

A floor plan is a to scale 2D drawing. Showing either the entire home or a single room. The scale obviously varies. Rooms are usually shown in a scale of 1:20 (e.g. kitchen floor plan and elevations), whereas an entire home is usually drawn to a scale of 1:100.
Floor plans usually contain all dimensions.

An elevation is an orthographic projection of an interior wall or an exterior facade in 2D. The purpose of this type of drawing is to show you the finished appearance of your project (e.g. kitchen).
Elevation drawings also usually include dimensions.

A lighting plan contains all light fixtures installed in a home or room. The drawing is a 2D black and white technical drawing. It includes all general lighting, task lighting and mood lighting as well as the location of the light switches.

A plumbing drawing is a type of technical drawing showing all the pipes and inlets for fresh water and all the pipes and outlets for drain/ waste water. This drawing includes dimensions as well so the plumber can determine the location of the pipes when building your home.

A dimension is referred to being the size and proportion of a space or object. It’s the measurement such as length, width and height.

Not sure if I’m the right fit for you and your project?
You have the opportunity to book a free CONNECT & EXPLORE call. This allows you to get to know Fran over the phone and you can tell her what your project is all about. This allows us to explore if we’ve got you covered!
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Yes, we do. It is a small fee to cover for fuel expenses and maintenance of our vehicle. Travel costs are not calculated into the hourly rate and are therefore a separate component.
I’m more than happy to offer you shared travel cost, if I should have more than one booking for the same town on the same day. Another option is to make a joint booking with a friend and you are sharing the travel cost as well.


Yes, I am. I acquired a certificate, which states that I have fulfilled the requirements for the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. I acquired knowledge in the following areas:
Research, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces
Produce technical drawings
Research and recommend furniture | accessories | soft furnishings | hard materials and finishes
Identify materials, construction techniques and methods used in building interiors
Assess interior light and recommend light fittings
Interior Styling
Kitchen Design
Bathroom Design
Design for people with disability and the elderly
Design for small to medium scale commercial or institutional interiors

My job is complex, multi-faceted and high on the scale of responsibility. As an interior designer I gather information, create and communicate design concepts, provide costs, help facilitate the accurate implementation of our designs and help co-ordinate multiple parties.

My clients expect that their desires are heard and understood. They also expect from me to manage the design, the timeframe and their budget reasonably.

A sound process in place will increase efficiency, accuracy and consistency in the delivery of results and outcomes for my clients. Furthermore, it encourages clarity, accountability and transparency.

Yes, I am. I acquired the “White Card” Training, which is a training on working safely in the construction industry.

The KBDi is the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute. Australia’s premier specialist kitchen and bathroom designers’ association.

Fees and Regulations

Yes, there is. We work with a Design Consultancy Agreement. This template is provided by the KBDi (Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute) and covers the following points:
Schedule A: Particulars of Contract
Schedule B: Scope of Work
Schedule C: Payment Schedule, Terms & Rebates
Consumer Terms

I offer product/ service packages to a fixed price.
For more information on pricing and what’s included please send us a message.