Enhance your Lifestyle
with a functional & stylish interior.

You are dreaming of a new home or wanting to finally tackle the renovation you have been putting off for so long?
But there is just this one obstacle to overcome which keeps you up at night…

… that you need to get this right!

Your greatest concern is to make a mistake when planning your new home or renovation, which could end up as an unnecessary cost. Money, time and energy you could have spent on something else…

That’s where I come in…

That's where I come in

“I assist people uncovering their true needs and deepest desires through a structured design process. This helps you to get clear and confident on making decisions for your home.”

Let us do the hard work…

We investigate your true needs and deepest desires for your new home or renovation project. Then we do the research for you and use our great connections with our suppliers to present you only what’s aligned with your needs and desires. Which means you are able to make faster decisions which you won’t regret.
Our simplified selection strategy takes out all the stress and overwhelm for you!
Making selections for your home doesn’t have to be hard. With us you discover it is actually a fun process.
Colour Selection; Colour Consultation

“Why you will Love it”

✔ You are able to make confident decisions on colours and products
✔ Getting the Design right
✔ Stress-free process (We do the hard work for you!)
✔ Peace of mind

✔ You are saving a ton of time & energy
✔ You will be proud of your home
✔ A home to impress
✔ No endless discussions with your husband or wife

Our Products

Colour & Material Selections

Colour Selection; Colour Consultation

You are craving for a new colour scheme, but you don’t know much about colour harmony, tints, shades and all the terminology that goes with it…? Then this is for you.

Either starting from scratch or updating your current colour scheme, we help you establish a visually appealing colour palette for your interior, exterior or both. No matter if you are drawn to subtle colours or if you are brave to experiment with colour. DS has the tools and knowledge to create a harmonious and well-balanced colour palette.

Furniture fit-out and Styling

Styling, Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are very important in our home. It is the component which balances all the hard surfaces and materials. Fabrics and soft materials provide warmth, comfort, protection and decoration. The decorating options are endless and can be very overwhelming. Soft furnishings are successfully selected when colour, pattern and texture result in a harmonious overall picture.

Blueprint Review

Floor Plan Review; Blueprint Review

On your behalf we can review your builder’s or architect’s blueprints for your brand new home to asses functionality, traffic flow, positioning of power-points, lighting plan, window sizes, door positioning, plumbing etc. – just to name a few. Our professional input can save you time and money on costly mistakes.
Every professional in the building industry has a different viewpoint on certain design elements. With an eye for detail we can identify potential problems that can be corrected during the planning phase and most importantly before the building work starts.

We offer this special service to make sure nothing is overlooked and is well thought out in the beginning.

  • Kitchen Design, Kitchen Selection
  • Bathroom Design, Bathroom Selection

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Designs

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are those spaces in our home, which need to function the most. Additionally these rooms are also the most expensive ones.

Getting the design right is one of the major components to deliver a successful product. Once a mistake is made due to a faulty plan, it is very expensive to correct it and delays the building process.

This is why you want to to get it right! I love helping people to create their dream space and I understand the importance of it.

We dedicate time to the preparation and planning stage. We analyze your wants and desires as well as your habits and lifestyle, which builds the foundation of a successful design. With this approach we take stress and the overwhelming feeling out of the design process. You don’t have to worry about if you are doing the “right thing”.

I have developed a couple of packages to cater for your individual needs.

Kitchen Design; Consultation

✔ Design Consultancy (only)

This is the right fit for you, if you are looking for ways to make your current kitchen more functional or wanting a face-lift for your bathroom/ laundry. You don’t always have to rip everything out, we show you how to do it.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Design

✔ Signature Design Services

This is right for you, if you are in need of a new kitchen/ bathroom/ laundry. We do it all, from a rough design concept to the finest details. I follow a strict design process to ensure all your needs and dreams are catered for and of course we’ll educate you on important features and details which shouldn’t be overlooked. (Link to blog posts). Once we’ve established a sound design brief, I develop a schematic design to show you the best layout option, appliances placements etc. From there we work our way through to the finer details (final design), such as general and task lighting, GPO placements, storage solutions etc.

The Design Process Explained

The design process is a developed model, which breaks down the process as a whole into smaller manageable steps. Each step forms the base for the next step. It is also possible that for instance two steps can be merged into one. This depends on the complexity of the project.

Design Survey

After you’ve booked your meeting with me I gather all necessary information for the upcoming project to ensure I understand your needs and wishes, so we create a successful outcome according to your desires.

Design Concept & Development

Depending on the scale of your project I kick off our project with some schematic design ideas. This helps us exploring options and developing a preliminary design based on your needs, desires and goals.

Final Design

Yeah! We’ve made it. This is your final masterpiece. A carefully put together design for your forever home. A functional and designful solution which aligns with your habits and lifestyle.


You receive a documentation of the final product. For the All Inclusive Design Service I hand over all floor plans, elevations, coloured renders, sample boards and specification.

Kitchen Design; Kitchen Plans
Kitchen Design; Consultation

“Are you ready to enhance your lifestyle and up-level your home?”

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